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Haven Life believes that technology offers an improved solution to the typically time-consuming and confusing process of buying life insurance. Our goal is to provide an easier, faster, just plain better way to get covered.

Simple online process. Immediate decision. Great insurance.

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Simple online
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Backing of MassMutual,
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Haven Life?
We are a tech-focused life insurance agency that offers the only affordable, fully medically underwritten term life insurance policy that you can purchase entirely online. We're transforming the typically time-consuming and confusing process of buying life insurance into one that's easier, faster and just plain better.

What makes Haven Life different?
Believe it or not, when Haven Life launched, there wasn't a way to purchase a fully underwritten term life insurance policy online. You could calculate your needs and receive a quote online, and maybe even fill out part of an application. But after that, your application would be sent through traditional channels or a cumbersome call center process. It would then take you several weeks to find out whether or not you were approved while you waited for your coverage to begin and to start your coverage.

With the Haven Life InstantTerm process, you can apply online and find out immediately if you're approved for coverage. When approved, coverage begins right away. And many qualified, healthy applicants won't even need to take a medical exam.

What is Haven Life InstantTerm?
InstantTerm is a first-of-its-kind process that lets many qualified, healthy life insurance applicants purchase a fully underwritten policy entirely online without the need for a medical exam — and without the need to pay more for the convenience.

Instead of requiring a medical exam to finalize coverage, our sophisticated technology analyzes the health information that you've already provided in the application to make a decision in real-time. Once you submit your application online, we'll inform you if a medical exam is needed to finalize coverage.

"Fully medically underwritten" — what does that mean?
Fully medically underwritten term life insurance is one of the most affordable types of life insurance. It provides ample coverage at a low cost. That's because the insurer knows your full medical history in order to make an informed decision on whether you're eligible for coverage.

Some policies that aren't fully medically underwritten include Simplified Issue and Guaranteed Issue. These policies don't require full insight into your medical history, but that blind spot for insurers comes at a higher cost (often two times as much) and with lower coverage offerings (typically up to $250,000).

We wholeheartedly believe that fully medically underwritten term life insurance is the way to go if you qualify. But most places require a medical exam with all applications... except for us.

Is the Haven Term policy the same quality as what I'd receive going through the traditional process?
Absolutely. The Haven Term policy is just as high of quality as other medically underwritten term life insurance policies. It's also issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), which is rated A++ by A.M. Best*. You can't score any higher than that from A.M. Best.

Purchasing online also doesn't change the level of customer service you should expect. We have customer service agents available to help via chat or phone (855-744-2836) throughout the application process.

What do your customers say?
Our customers have given us very positive feedback. In fact, we've partnered with Trustpilot, an unbiased, third-party review site that collects customer testimonials. You can read customer reviews here or check them out on our home page.

How is Haven Life affiliated with MassMutual?
We are backed and wholly owned by MassMutual, a leading life insurer with a long history of financial strength. Our relationship with MassMutual allows us to provide you with long-view confidence, while also giving you a completely different experience when buying a life insurance policy.

Does Haven Life offer permanent life insurance policies?
We only offer term life insurance.

Can I buy policies from other life insurers through Haven Life?
We only sell the Haven Term policy on our website. But we do provide an easy comparison to quotes and policies from multiple highly-rated insurers.

Who qualifies for a Haven Term policy?
To qualify for Haven Term coverage, you must:

  • be a non-military U.S. citizen age 18–65
  • have a valid U.S. driver's license
  • not intend to use the policy for business purposes or to replace another policy

How old do you need to be to buy a Haven Term policy?
The short answer is adults age 18–65 can buy a Haven Term policy.

The long answer is an adult can be up to 65 years and four months old on the day they're insured, but no more than 64 years and 364 days old on the day they submit an application. That's because the industry allows up to 120 days to get labs, check records, and deliver a final underwriting decision, and once you're six months into your current age, an insurer actually considers you a year older.

To recap:

  • Up to 65 years and four months old to buy a Haven Term policy
  • Up to 64 years and 364 days to get a quote/submit a Haven Term application
  • Life insurance is confusing sometimes

Where is Haven Life available?
Haven Life is available in 48 states nationwide plus the District of Columbia. We're not yet available in California or Montana.

We're expanding our coverage in the coming months. If you haven't done so already, please sign up for our newsletter, and we'll let you know when Haven Term is available in your state.